We are looking for Platform maintainers.

✨ What does it mean to be a maintainer?

Your role is generally to code less, but respond to issues, review pull requests and help prepare releases. You will play an essential role in glueing the remote work together. We have remote developers coming and going. They help if they have some extra time on their hands. The maintainer is more of a consistent and steady long term role. One that will mature with the project.

🙏 Mindset

Passion for our projects: We are building a massive piece of software with minimal resources. This means some days are rough and the motivation needs to come from within yourself. Aligning with the mission and having a passion for the work is crucial

Willing to learn: The platform is continuously expanding and new layers are added. Never a static moment. There’s more than one way to solve every problem and so it’s important to be open to suggestions from contributors and to work efficiently through code reviews and issues to help bring those contributions to life!


The platform is built in React and backed by a NodeJS and Firebase backend, so if you have some experience working with JS stacks getting started should be a breeze. We are also looking for people able to find time regularly to support. We know life can get busy, but ideally you would be able to commit to around 1 day per week, for 6 months or longer.